Strategies for Waiters

I know for a fact that everything and every person has a breaking point. A breaking point is the moment when you either cannot take anymore or just have had enough and want out. Knowledge is power, the application of that knowledge is called wisdom, wisdom to me is knowing the difference between doing, saying or acting is a certain way or not to act in that manner. Whe you know how to react and what to do, that does not qualify for wisdom, it is when you know what to do and doing what you need to that will qualify the wisdom

You might ask why the above is important to know, well, when dealing with people one has to know how to deal with certain personalities at any given time an achieve the desired results. The worst thing when dealing with an idiot is for you to be dragged to their level such that people do cannot tell who the idiot is. There is a saying I heard when I was a kid that had stuck with me over the years, it says “never argue with a fool because people might never know the difference”. So true in many ways, that is why wisdom is an essential tool in your kit that will help you deal with rude people.

I have what I call wisdom keys or strategies on how to deal with rude waiters, these strategies work, they have proved to be very useful tools for me and I am confident they will work for anyone who wants to use them. From quietly requesting a new waiter/ waitress, getting up and leaving, calling for a manager and not just leaving a tip, these are the main strategies that will enable one to enjoy their food and restaurant experience that they want. I don not know about many people but when I get to go to a restaurant, I desire a very good and memorable experience because its not always that I go and also its not always that I go out so when I get to go the experience has to be worth my hard earned money.

The very first strategy I would employ is quietly asking the waiter for a private moment and that would be only after you have ordered and received your food. I have witnessed waiters who will drop food on the floor as retaliation when they hear what they do not want to hear. It is human nature for one to shout when they are wronged, we all want everyone to see how upset we are and sometimes it is with good reason.  Shouting might get us attention but it might just get the situation bad, mostly it is a very bad idea to call out a rude waiter in a busy restaurant, you only get the waiter and the other staff agitated with you. 

Pull the waiter to the side and address the matter between you and him, explain how you do not appreciate his attitude and make it an issue with the attitude not with him personally. This should resolve the matter and have the waiter wearing a new face just for your table, if not, you will get his temper raised and he will be more aggressive. Remember what I said earlier? make sure that your order and those of the people on your table have arrived and everyone is eating before you take the issue up with the waiter,

Should the first strategy not work, the next one is to call the manager and again this is to be done quietly not getting the attention of the other diners. You never know the attitude of those that the waiter works with so you always want to show that it is not your intention to mouth off about an employee. When speaking to the manager, talk about what and how the waiter was rude, be specific so that the issue is highlighted for what it is not because you have just stood up. Have the manager give you a real solution to the matter not just telling the waiter off or stating they will look into it. We all have bad days but taking out personal issues on clients is unacceptable, waiters have to act professionally too even if they do not like their pay. 

One could also just call the waiter and tell him that because of his rudeness you will not leave a tip as that behaviour did not warrant a tip. Honesty is the best policy so many a great times it is worth it just coming out and telling the waiter that you will not reward him for being rude. We all know how tips are important to the waiters so any news about tips will get them to check their attitude next time you visit the restaurant.

The very last and most probably one that should be used the least because you will run out of places to eat out is getting up and walking out. I used that method a few times when I noticed that the waiter is friendly with his workmates but show an attitude to every diner. I have no reason to believe that talking to either him or his manager will change much so leaving is the best I can do for myself and those that are with me. I know that there is a rude waiter in some form or shape in every restaurant has taught me to approach each situation independently because if I treat them all the same I will have no place for dinning out. I enjoy my happiness so that should not be controlled by what a waiter is or is not doing because of the stresses in his own life.

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