Treating Vaginal Smell with A Healthy Diet

Vagina smell always becomes something very embarrassing and irritating for the majority of women who suffer from such a complaint. As a matter of fact, this particular smell that is caused by BV – which stands for Bacteria Vaginosis – can come in various different levels. If the BV is in the mild level and it only comes with mild symptoms such as itching, then, the complaint could be solved with a number of natural treatments and habit change. Nearly all women think that such a smell accompanied by the symptoms of swollen labia and itching is only caused by poor hygiene or bacteria, but actually it is also related to their eating habit. However, we have to realize the fact that every woman is unique and one treatment may work well for one woman, but it is not worked well for another. Therefore, there is not a single formula that can solve all problems. However, changing the habit such as our eating habit is able to give a significant change on the particular problem. The following are some of the diet and nutrition we need to prevent and cure this infection.

Diet on Fat Intake and Saturated Fat to Prevent and Cure Vaginal Smell

When we learn from a research, the consumption of saturated fat is affecting the risk of BV. It is said that the higher saturated fat in our body, the higher risk we have to get BV and this simply means that we have a bigger risk to get severe BV. We all realize that saturated fat is having multiple risks on our body. Not only will it reduce the immune system around the vagina, but change the vagina pH as well. Such a condition is so bad since it can be the perfect circumstance for vaginosis bacteria to grow. Saturated fat can be found in foods like red meat, full fat milk, cakes, cheese, biscuits and a lot more. Eliminating these foods from our diet will be the first step to prevent and solve Vaginal Smell. A fat alternative to consume is monounsaturated fat that can be richly found in olive oil, vegetable oils, tea seed oil, and canola oil. They have smaller effect on triggering the BV growth. You may also want to know that fats contained in banana, fish, and whole grain wheat has zero effect to Vaginal Smell. Therefore, if we want to get free from Vaginal Smell, make sure that we cut down the saturated fat consumption.

Treatment with Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for its ability to enhance the immunity related to Vaginal Smell. Based on a study, people who are taking vitamin E are having lower risk on the infection than those who are not taking the vitamin. Vitamin E can work perfectly to treat Vaginal Smell if it is consumed together with vitamin A and C, zinc and iron. However, among all the vitamins and compounds, vitamin E is the one that has significant effect on BV. Women who are having low consumption on vitamin E are having high risk on BV that cause Vaginal Smell. The recommended vitamin E intake is 22 IU to 1,000 IU per day. We can take vitamin E supplement to treat Vaginal Smell, but it will be great if we are consuming foods which are rich in vitamin E such as avocado, kiwi, spinach, bokchoy, broccoli and some others.

Folic Acid Intake for Treatment

To treat Vaginal Smell, we are recommended to increase our folic acid consumption. Consuming folic acid will give us multiple benefits, beyond Vaginal Smell treatment. High folic acid in the body is able to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and some other disease. It will also prevent neurological defect in unborn child. Folic acid role on Vaginal Smell is by increasing the immunity. Women who are consuming low folic acid is having more risk on BV. When combined with natural remedies, folic acid tablets are able to sure BV effectively. The recommended folic acid sources are asparagus, great northern beans, spinach, green peas, black-eyes peas, avocado, broccoli and beef liver. With the habit change and food intake reconstruction, we will be able to apply the most natural treatment for Vaginal Smell.

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What’s the Relation between Tonsil Stones & Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath can risk your daily life. You cannot talk to your friend and your reputation in workplace may hamper a lot. This can happen due to many reasons. Improper brushing, too little dental flossing and some medical conditions like tonsil stones are the common causes of bad breath; scientifically called halitosis. To understand the relation between tonsil stones and bad breath, we need to know how tonsil stones crop up in our body.

Tonsils are two pieces of organs that are situated at both the sides of our throat. They act as a first line defender of invading organisms that comes from air and food. Tonsils confine the organisms inside its tissue and release some cells called lymphocytes. These lymphocytes in turn kill the invading bacteria or virus. With each infection, inflammation of the tonsil (tonsillitis) occurs and the patient suffers from pain in the throat and difficulty in deglutition. There may be malaise and fever also.

After recurrent infections, dead tonsillar tissues and dead organisms accumulate together with the help of some chemical substances like calcium and magnesium. They form a solid mass that is entangled in the tonsillar crypts to form the tonsil stones.

Tonsil stone or tonsillolith is a known cause for bad breath. Putrefaction occurs in the mass comprising of the dead cells and organisms with the help of sulfur producing bacteria. With more and more dead cells are available through each episode of tonsillitis, the degree of bad breath increases continuously. Hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan are produced during the putrefaction process. These are the gases that reason bad breath because of their physical nature. Methyl mercaptan is specifically to be blamed as this gas smells as rotten cabbage. Hydrogen sulfide also smells as rotten eggs. In combination, they produce the fecal odor in a patient having halitosis.

The condition worsens if the person having tonsil stone often forgets to brush his teeth regularly. Most of the toothpastes contain fluoride which can neutralize organisms. Brushing your teeth twice a day after food will hinder the growth of bacteria.

Tonsil stones and bad breath go hand in hand. You have to do something to get rid of from the tonsil stones permanently. And, if this comes with a natural way that does not involve any kind of operation; we must follow that process.


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Xanax gg249

Xanax gg249 is a member of a group of drugs or medications known as benzodiazepines. This group of medications is known to have an effect on certain chemicals in the brain that often become unbalanced thus resulting in anxiety as well as being a tranquilizer and sedative. Xanax is used in the treatment of certain anxiety and panic disorders as well as anxiety that is a result of depression and in some cases insomnia. This medication may also have other uses which will generally be determined by your doctor.

How strong is Xanax?

Xanax gg249 pill is a very strong medication and comes in four strengths being .25 mg, .5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg. According to this article, This medication with gg249 on it is usually prescribed at the lowest dose possible and is often started at a low dose and worked up slowly.

What form does Xanax come in?

It comes in the form of tablets and bars with Xanax bars being 2 milligrams and the strongest dosage of Xanax available. This dosage of Xanax is reserved for serious cases of anxiety and panic disorder and should be used very carefully. Xanax is taken by mouth usually two to three times each day however the XR or time released version of Xanax is only taken once a day.

Who should not take Xanax?

The pill should not be taken by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding as well as individuals with certain medical conditions such as disease and infections of the liver, lungs or kidneys. This medication should also be avoided by individuals who have had prior issues with drug abuse or addiction.

Is there a generic equivalent?

Almost all medications available today have a generic equivalent. Xanax is no different. This is because of the continuous rise in the cost of health care and prescription medications. Without generic equivalents there would be numerous people who would not be able to obtain much needed medications. This is especially true of individuals who have no type of medical or prescription insurance to aid in the purchase of these medications. The generic name for Xanax is alprazolam gg249.

Is it Addictive?

Because of its tranquilizer and sedative effects Xanax is considered to be a highly addictive medication which is why it should be avoided by individuals with drug abuse or addiction issues in the past or present. Xanax is a powerful medication and should be used responsibly.

What if I accidentally take too much Xanax?

It is important to take Xanax exactly as your doctor prescribes it in order to prevent problems. Taking too much of this medication or taking it too often can lead to serious issues such as abuse, addiction and over dose and may possibly even be fatal. If you think you have taken too much of this medication you should seek medical assistance from a licensed health care professional or emergency center immediately in order to receive the proper care and prevent serious repercussions.

What are the ingredients?

When taking medications it is important to look at all the ingredients of the medication. This includes the active and inactive ingredients because if you are allergic to something that is used you should not take the drug. The active ingredient in Xanax of course is alprazolam but what are the inactive ones that aren’t usually noticed. Below is a list of the inactive ingredients of Xanax:

  • Corn starch
  • Docusate sodium
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Lactose
  • Cellulose
  • Silicon dioxide

What are the side effects?

Although all medications have the ability to produce possible side effects many individuals experience few if any of these and when they do they are generally not severe however if you do experience side effects when taking this or other medications you should notify your doctor so that the extent and severity of the side effects in your particular case can be noted and determined if the risk is worth the benefit the medication offers. Some of the possible side effects that have been reported with the use of Xanax include some somewhat minor side effects and some that are more serious. These side effects may include:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleepiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Watering of the mouth
  • Appetite changes
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of focus or concentration
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Difficulty staying balanced
  • Changes in sexual performance or desire

Although it is possible to continue using this medication if you experience some of these minor side effects you should still notify your doctor of their occurrence. In addition if you experience any of the following severe side effects you should notify your doctor immediately as this may lead to serious problems. These side effects include the following:

  • Lack of coordination
  • Problems with memory
  • Decreased urination
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Twitching of the muscles
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Disruptions in sleeping pattern
  • Jaundice
  • Problems talking

In addition to the these side effects you should also tell your doctor right away if you experience any kind of allergic reaction when taking Xanax such as a rash or hives and difficulty breathing and also if you develop new mental or mood problems or if the ones you already have seem to be worse.

How long should Xanax be used?

Because Xanax is so powerful it is not recommended for long term use however is considered quite effective for short term treatments.

Are there special recommendations for stopping the use of Xanax?

Xanax is highly addictive and over time even when taken regularly your body may form dependence to this medication causing your body to show withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking Xanax all at once. For this reason it is recommended that when it comes time to stop or discontinue the use of Xanax you do so gradually over a period of time. This will prevent or reduce the occurrence of serious and sometimes even dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

How can I get Xanax?

Xanax is available by a prescription from a licensed health care professional and can be purchased at any pharmacy. There are also online sources that allow the sale of this medication without a prescription however this practice is strongly recommended against and strongly discouraged because of the abuse and addiction risks of this powerful medication.

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Beware soup, juice, tuna and canned beans

Recent tests by Consumer Reports’ in canned foods, including soups, juice, tuna and green beans, found that almost all of the 19 foods tested contained trademarks measurable levels of BPA (bisphenol A).

What is BPA?
The BPA, which has been used for years in transparent plastic bottles and coatings of food cans has been restricted in Canada and some states and municipalities throughout the United States due to potential health effects. But there are no federal restrictions on the use BPA in food packaging.

At present, federal guidelines place the upper limit of safe exposure to 50 micrograms of BPA per kilogram of body weight. But that level is based on experiments in the eighties, instead of the hundreds of studies in laboratory and animal studies conducted more recently, indicating that much lower doses of BPA could lead to serious health risks.

Side effects
According to studies done in laboratory, abnormal reproductive development, increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease, all with a dose that a person could reach or eating a few servings a day.

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Tramadol for relieving neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain is a condition in which the pain is caused by damage to the nervous system resulted from different factors. Unlike typical musculoskeletal pain, this type of pain is rarely caused by direct injury to tissue or any specific part of the body. It’s the malfunctioning of nerves that carry pain signals that causes this type of pain. That is why it is often quite hard to diagnose and find the actual cause for. The usual symptoms associated with these types of pain are shooting sensations and increased sensitivity to usually non-painful contact. It is regarded as a hardly treatable condition because it’s hard to address the actual cause of the condition. Usually doctors prescribe anti-convulsion or antidepressant medications that help normalize the functions of the nervous system but have a range of side effects that make their application problematic. Tramadol is by far the only painkiller medication that observed to provide beneficial effects in patients suffering from neuropathic pain.

During a series of clinical trials conducted in 2008 and involving a total of 374 patients, different doses of Tramadol were given to people with neuropathic pain conditions. Patients were given different doses of Tramadol and it was observed that taking doses between 100 and 400 mg per day can effectively help in relieving peripheral neuropathic pain. Some of the studies have included comparison between Tramadol and such potent narcotic painkillers as morphine and clomipramine. The results showed that it’s hard to distinct which of the drugs is more effective for conditions like these since they all had the same effectiveness. However, taking the fact that Tramadol is much safer to take and has less side effects, it’s certainly better to use it rather than take such potent and potentially dangerous substances as morphine.

Tramadol, this pill with stamping an 627, is a prescription drug and it requires certain safety measures to be taken in order to avoid possible side effects. First of all, you should follow your doctor’s prescriptions and avoid taking the drug for longer than indicated or in larger doses than the doctor told you. Some people have problems with taking Tramadol because of pre-existing conditions. This especially applies to patients with seizure disorders (such as epilepsy), history of substance abuse or mental disorders. Consult with your doctor before taking Tramadol for relieving neuropathic pain. Maybe it’s not safe for you to take this drug at all. Don’t take such decisions on your own.

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Psa Blood Test Results

PSA blood test results are referring to a procedure performed to measure prostate specific antigen produced by the cells from the prostate glands.  In order to detect any disease, tumor in particular the test must be performed by the doctor.  PSA test works like a compass, pointing your way into a possible dreadful disease.  Benign cancer conditions are not threatening at first it maybe just a simple inflammation in the prostate glands and later in life would develop into a full blown prostate cancer because as time goes by the PSA level would increase caused by benign conditions.  Most cases are being detected in men in the early age of prostate anomalies that is because the mpv level is normally low during that period but could lead into malignant stage once psa level increases.  But PSA level test would not be sufficient to establish that a person has prostate cancer, further test would be necessary to determine presence of cancer threat but psa account would also be taken into consideration.

Some people may question why does PSA test has to be performed, well simply the doctor would recommend you to undergo such test procedure if they see symptoms of prostate anomalies.  But for men, the doctors would recommend them to undergo screening because once men reach the age of 40 onward, they are more prone to prostate cancer possibly because of the lifestyle history at his early years and or a family history of the same illness present in the family genes, since I have mentioned earlier that the benign stage would not really pose critical threat in men’s early years and the risk factor may have came along the way as he ages.  Risks like diet unconsciousness, too much smoking and alcohol intake or anything that may be harmful to health.  In any case that a significant rise in PSA level was detected, the doctor would suspect several possibilities, like prostate enlargement, inflammation infection, age-caused and worst a presence of malignant cancer cells.  However, if there were no detected lump, repeated test must also be performed regularly to monitor any changes and increase of PSA levels and further analysis and tests must also be performed to check rectal structure abnormalities.

PSA blood test results may not be as relevant as many people would think, but it could give you a very reliable clue that there is something wrong.  Early detection of the disease would help you find an immediate remedy to somehow prevent any upcoming threats.  Cancer should  not be ignored even in its early stage whether its benign or just a simple inflammation of the prostate gland, it is still important to consider subjecting ourselves into such test procedures, we may not care about it for now but remember that playing ignorant about your health condition is like throwing your chances of living longer and healthier.

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Stress fracture

A fracture or broken bone can really disrupt your life and that of your family and friends but hopefully the information that you will find here will help make both the recovery time shorter and the disruption more manageable.

Much of the information and many of the resources found in here about fracture have been of great help to me, both when I fractured my ankle and when my partner broke their pelvis.  Fracture recovery takes time, rest and self-care, but there are many things that can help relieve the discomfort, promote faster fracture healing and make bones stronger for the future.

A few examples of things that will be covered in this article are:

  • What happens to your body when you break a bone
  • How to treat a fracture
  • Fracture recovery time
  • Faster fracture healing
  • Fracture Recovery Diet Tips
  • How to make bones stronger

If you or someone you know has fractured a bone, I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery.  Hopefully the information and advice found in this site will be valuable and get you back to your usual self in no time.

Stress fracture

A fracture caused by repetitive stress, as may occur in sports, strenuous exercise, or heavy physical labor. Stress fractures are especially common in the metatarsal bones of foot, particularly in runners. Osteoporosis increases the possibility of stress fractures. Treatment is by rest, disuse, and sometimes splinting or casting to prevent reinjury during healing.

Stress fractures are somewhat peculiar injuries which are not very well understood by most persons. Some patients have actually never heard of them. Every day the body makes new bone to replace the bone that is broken down by the stress of living. The process is balanced with the body replacing the equal amount of bone that is lost. If the process is upset for some reason, and there may be several factors, the body may not produce sufficient bone. As a result micro cracks, called stress fractures, can occur in the bone.     Other factors may affect the building process such as too little sleep, a diet with inadequate calcium, and perhaps most commonly a rapid increase in the person’s activities. Sometimes stress fractures may actually occur from minor trauma like accidentally kicking one leg when running.

How do I know if I have a stress fracture?

Pain is the major finding that will help in the diagnosis of a stress fracture. The pain is in a very limited area directly over the part of the bone where the fracture has occurred. The pain is increased by activities and decreases with rest and actually may disappear with rest.
There is pain when pressure is applied to the area of a stress fracture when the doctor examines the patient. Hopping or jumping on the leg with a stress fracture always increases the pain. There may, at times, be swelling in the injured area as well.
X-rays are usually not helpful in diagnosing stress fractures early because the bones may look normal and the micro cracks may not be visible yet on plain x-rays. Sometimes if the bone has begun to heal or repair itself a healing reaction called callus can be seen on x-rays. Early diagnosis of a stress fracture is usually made by a bone scan, which is a special radioactive test done by injection of a radiotracer into the blood stream. After two or three hours the patient is placed under a scanner to check the affected bone. MRIs are also sometimes used to confirm the diagnosis.

How are stress fractures treated?

A stress fracture involves only the bone and therefore, unlike other fractures, skin, muscle and other tissue usually are not affected. Since these tissues are intact, they provide protection for the injured bone. A cast usually is not required for a stress fracture, but a walking brace might be suggested. A cane or crutches are usually necessary. Return to activity is a gradual process, while swimming or biking can usually be done to maintain muscle conditioning. When the doctor determines that stress may be applied to the bone, a gradual increase in stress is the key. Each increase in activity must be done slowly and for short amounts of time. The doctor will guide the patient through the steps of recovery and can monitor the degree of fracture healing with x-rays.
Increasing the calcium intake above 1,000 to 1,500 mg of calcium per day required for normal bone repair will not help the stress fracture heal more rapidly.


Common causes of stress fractures are increasing the amount or intensity of activity too rapidly and improper equipment such as ill-fitting running shoes.
Female athletes experience more stress fractures than male athletes. Some feel this could be related to eating disorders, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis. As a woman’s bone mass decreases, the chances of getting a stress fracture will increase.
Most stress fractures occur in the lower leg and foot.

What activities cause stress fractures?

Repetitive stress of the foot striking the ground causes trauma to the foot and lower leg. Without sufficient rest between workouts or competitions an athlete is at risk for developing a stress fracture.
The most important treatment for a stress fracture is rest and avoidance of the activity that caused the stress fracture. A person can engage in any pain free activity during the 8 weeks that it takes most stress fractures to heal.

Prevention of stress fractures

  • Use proper equipment. Old or worn out running shoes are notorious causes of stress fractures.
  • A healthy diet is important. Make sure you are taking enough calcium
  • Activities which cause pain or swelling should be stopped and rest should be imposed for at least 3 days. If continued pain persists, evaluation is essential.
  • Slow increase in any activities is very important. For runners, mileage should be built up very gradually on a weekly basis.


United States

  • An estimated 340,000 hip fractures occur each year. Estimates indicate that in 2040, approximately 500,000 hip fractures will occur.
  • Nine of 10 hip fractures occur in patients aged 65 years and older, and 3 of 4 occur in women.
  • White females have been reported to be twice as likely to fracture their hips than black and Hispanic females. This frequency has been associated with a metropolitan setting, increased caffeine use, alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle, psychotropic drug use, and senile dementia.
  • The rate of fractures is low in adolescent and young athletic populations, estimated to be less than 2% of all hip fractures (one hundredth of adult hip fractures).


Factors such as muscle fatigue, (which leads to abnormal gait patterns and altered stress distribution), training errors, improper footwear, and poor training surfaces can predispose an athlete to the development of stress fractures.

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Gabapentin Side Effects in the Body Systems

Gabapentin side effects occur in the different system of the body. One of the systems of the body that the side effects have been noticed is the nervous system. These effects in the nervous system are somnolence, dizziness, tiredness and headache. These cases occur in more than ten percent of the people treated with Gabapentin during the studies that were carried out on Gabapentin. There are other side effects that affect the nervous system so as to cause you get high on Gabapentin. The following cases are also observed.

• Snycope
• Abnormal dream
• Hostility
• Vertigo
• Hyperkinesias
• Babinski sign
• Personality disorder
• Orofacial dyskinesia

Besides the effects in the nervous system, there are also other side effects in the gastrointestinal system of the body. About 3% of the patients treated with Gabapentin have these negative effects. Some of the gastrointestinal side effects of Gabapentin are Glossitis, gum haemorrhage, stomatitis, elevated rate of salivation, gastroenteritis and painful swell around the mouth region. There are other gastrointestinal side effects of Gabapentin which are noted. They include

• Enlarged salivary gland
• Lip haemorrhage
• Oesophageal spasm
• Dry mouth
• Dental abnormality
• Increased appetite

These are to mention but a few of them. Such Gabapentin side effects are as withdrawal effects are also noticed. When a patient stop using Gabapentin there are symptoms that follow such withdrawal. The number of people that are affected by this withdrawal of Gabapentin therapy effect is minute – just about two percent of the people treated. The Gabapentin side effects are:

• Somnolence
• Ataxia
• Fatigue
• Dizziness, nausea and vomiting

Other include tinnitus, loss of hearing, otitis, loss taste, unusual taste, fullness of the ear, perforation of the ear drum, Eustachian tube dysfunction, and unusual smell.
Gabapentin side effects also occur in the cardiovascular system of the body. Above 1% of the people treated have high blood pressure as well as low blood pressure which occur infrequently. There are other cardiovascular Gabapentin side effects that do not occur frequently. They include:

• Angina pectoris
• Murmur
• Peripheral vascular disorder
• Atrial fibrillation
• Pulmonary thrombophlebitis
• Heart block and others

There are also some problems that occur in some patients that are treated with Gabapentin such as cataract, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, dryness of the eye, bilateral ptosis and photophobia. In other cases of Gabapentin side effects, two suffer from aggressive behaviour.

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How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Those painful, white spots at the back of your throat are not only ugly to look at – but they can cause a whole horrifying range of secondary conditions, like bad breath and throat pain. The good news is that learning how to get rid of tonsil stones is easy – if a little uncomfortable. Here are five of the most popular ways to remove tonsil stones – and some strategies on how to prevent them.

Manual Removal

If you’ve got some time on your hands – and a high threshold for mild discomfort – and easy way to get rid of stones is by removing them by hand. Many people have reported successful results with a clean swab or pick. Simply sit yourself in front of a mirror, and try to gently dislodge the stone without causing too much bleeding. Most of the time, removing the stone will be easy and relatively quick. If you don’t want to get your hands involved, try coughing a few times. Often, the rasping of the cough will shift the stones a little – and sometimes remove them entirely. It’s also possible to use an oral irrigator, like a Waterpik or Sinupulse Irrigation System.

Salt Water Gargle

Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, and make your own saline mouth wash. Not only is this a great antiseptic, but it will also loosen the stones over time. It’s also been known to soothe some of the pain associated with large or numerous tonsil stones.


In extreme tonsil stone cases, you may be required to undergo a course of antibiotics. This will reduce any pain and swelling, and will also eradicate any stone-causing bacteria in the mouth. However, antibiotics will not treat the underlying cause of your stones – and may also bring about undesired side-effects.


If you have very large, painful tonsils stones (that are impossible to remove on your own) it’s best to consult with an ENT doctor and have them surgically removed. This is a simple, painless process that often involves a small dosage of local anaesthetic or numbing agent. If you experience tonsil stones regularly, then you may be recommended a tonsillectomy, or removal of the tonsils. This operation will permanently ensure that your tonsil stones never come back.

Preventative Tips

Of course, it’s best not to develop tonsil stones in the first place! They are actually easy to prevent. All it involves are some positive changes to your lifestyle and oral hygiene regimen. For instance, brushing, flossing and gargling everyday will make sure that stone-causing bacteria are washed away. Oxygenated mouthwashes and toothpastes are particularly good bacteria-busters.

Try and drink water and tea instead of sugary soda drinks. Water is more efficient at washing away bacteria and food particles anyway. Also, try and avoid going to bed straight after eating your last meal of the day, and make sure that you brush and floss afterward!

Indeed, a balanced diet, exercise and sleep are also sure-fire ways to a healthy mouth. These are just some of the ways you can remove tonsil stones.

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Healthiest Fast Food

When you think of healthy meal choices, fast food is not the first thing that comes to mind. Fast food items are normally high in calories, sodium, and fat content. The important thing to remember is to avoid items with cheese, bacon, or sauces. Many side orders can have as many calories as the burger itself, and it is always a good idea to skip dessert. It is not recommended to eat at fast food establishments if you are watching your weight, but some chains are significantly better than others in nutrition.

Subway – 295 average calories for 6” sandwich

Subway has been running television commercials for years touting their nutritional superiority over other fast food restaurants.  Their claims are valid. Subway 6 inch sandwiches have an average of 295 calories which is much better than the 540 calories of the McDonalds Big Mac. The average subway sandwich also has 10 grams of fat and 8 of their sandwiches have less than 6 grams. The sodium content of their sandwiches vary wildly from 500mg to over 1200mg, but that is still better than most hamburgers. If you avoid the cheese and sauces, a subway sandwich can be one of your best choices for eating fast food.

Arbys – 490 average calories for roast beef sandwich

Arbys specializes in roast beef sandwiches that normally average less than 500 calories. Adding cheddar cheese increases the calories quite a bit for their sandwiches. The Ham & Swiss melt comes in at an impressive 300 calories. The fat content is under 20 grams for most sandwiches and the sodium amount averages between 1200mg and 1600mg. Arbys is a healthier alternative to most burger restaurants, but try to avoid the curly fries. A medium size order has as many calories as the sandwich.

Schlotzskys – 540 average calories for a small sandwich

Although not as healthy as Subway, Schlotzskys sandwiches are still a good choice for the health conscious consumer. The key is to get a sandwich that does not have a sauce or mayonnaise such as the Turkey Salad. A turkey breast sandwich only has 342 calories and several more are under 400 calories. Avoid the deluxe original style which has 738 calories just for the small size. The fat content is a little high on most sandwiches, but the chicken and turkey breast both come in under 7 grams of fat each. The sodium content varies tremendously on each sandwich with the Fresh Veggie sandwich having the lowest amount at 751mg. The nutrition numbers for the wraps are surprisingly no better than the sandwiches and a few have actually more calories.

Eating at fast food restaurants on a regular basis is never a good idea, but the above 3 restaurants will help you control your waistline if you choose the right items..

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